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Lunch with Senior

Prepare Your Photo Submittals Now for
Lunch with Senior and Save the Date
Sunday March 12, 2017

Lunch with Mom and DadLunch with Mom and DadLunch with Mom and Dad

Deadlines for Three Pics
- - -
September 18th 
- - -
 OR NOT later than
October 16th 
Jack O'Lantern Jive
- - -
Ask your senior to drop the CD/DVD in the basket at the dance
Each year the final preparations for the Presentation Ball are kicked off with a gracious lunch with Mom and Dad. This memorable event includes a slide show of our PV Assembly seniors. In order to prepare for it, we need your help. Please provide three (3) digital pictures which depict your senior’s coming of age, beginning with infancy through today. Roughly, they should cover three periods pf development: a) age 0-6,  b) 7-11,  c) 12-17, and a fourth photo will be the PV Assembly senior photo which we will already have of your senior.
Scan your pictures onto a CD/DVD. They should be scanned at a minimum resolution of 720x960 and 3”X4” in portrait orientation. Only digital images which are JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or PSD will be accepted. CVS can help if you do not have the equipment at home. The name of your senior must be on written on the CD (use a Sharpie pen).
If you have questions, contact Mrs. Leilani Emnace; or call 310 877-3553
Place CD/DVD (with name written on it) in an envelope and attach this form (please print) and then place in the basket
Name of Senior: ____________________________________
Telephone Number:__________________________________
Parent email________________________________________

Print Form:




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