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Palos Verdes Assembly Senior Profiles - Due November 13th!

The Assembly Presentation Ball on May 6th will be a proud and fun night for you, your family, and friends. Each Presentee will be “spotlighted” while their parents are introduced and their short profile is read. In addition, their long profile will be printed in the ball program with their photo. This is their chance to be recognized for their commitments and accomplishments during high school.

Each Presentee, with their parents, are asked to write a book-style profile to be included in the ball program and a shorter profile in NARRATIVE style as they wish to have it read by our Presenter. You can choose to highlight achievements, awards, activities, or future plans. Each family has ideas they want to capture in these profiles. Listed below are suggested topics to include.

The long profile printed in the program should be approximately 180 words (use Word Count Option on Word Tools pull-down). The short profile must be no more than 85 words or about 30 seconds when read. Please do not use abbreviations of names, clubs or organizations. Be specific and consider giving year(s) of participation (i.e. frosh, soph, jr, sr), locations, etc. *The profile should be the joint effort of student and parents. Please include a sentence about your college choice in both the short and long profiles. A blank can be left for the college, but the sentence should be included at this time. As soon as you know your college, contact the Senior Profile Editors (below). The last day to provide your college is May 1st. Read, out loud to yourself, both profiles to verify that they read and sound well.

By November 13th, please use New Times Roman, 12 pt and e-mail both profiles in an email message or attached Word file to the Senior Profile Editors: Mrs. Paula Boothe boys) and Mrs. Bea Osborne (for girls) .You will have the opportunity to review your profile at the first Waltz practice. The Ball Chairs reserve the right to make minor edits.

* For parents, do not use the titles of Mr. and Mrs., use first names only, mom first. For example, “Son of Jolie and Michael Hughes”. However, the title of “Dr. or a military title “Capt.” Should be included. For example, “Daughter of Jennifer and Dr. Al Hutchings.

----------------------- Profile Suggested Topics --------------------

  • Presentee’s full name and Parents’ names.
  • Clubs and Activities
  • Student Government (offices held)
  • Athletics (teams, sports, letters and awards)
  • Honors, Honor Societies and Awards
  • Civic and Philanthropic Activities
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • College and/or Career plans (may include major, college, area of interest)
  • Summer Plans
  • Special Thank You to Family


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