Palos Verdes Assembly
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Patroness Library
Patroness General Positions Patroness Ball Positions
Assembly Coordinators Ball Chairs
Ball Chairs Ball Chair Advisor
Ball Chair Advisor Ball Chair Assistant
Legal-Insurance Ball Flower Girls
Membership Ball Check-in
Recording Secretary Dress and Tux Attire
Treasurer Dress and Tux Ball Liaison
Chaperone Chairs Flower Coordinator
Cotillion Assembly Liaison Flowers Shift 1
Community Service Flowers Shift 2
Decor & Refreshments Invitation Programs Printing
Gifts Lunch with Mom & Dad
Historian LWMD DVD
Holiday Dance Master of Ceremony
Hospitality Medallions
Patroness Year End Dinner Presenter
Prizes Photography
Publicity Public Relations Publicity-PR
Security Reservation Table
Senior Spotlight & Flowers Reservations
Sunshine Representative Senior Profile Editors
Tea Suite Supervisors
  Waltz Practice Coordinators
  General Ball Information

Asembly Patronesses 2016

  Assembly Patronesses - 2015 - 2016



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