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Community Service Hour Guidelines

Palos Verdes Assembly accepts community service hours completed in aid of any institution or organization as long as it falls within the following guidelines:

  1. Community service hours should be completed in situations where there is no personal gain and where the service performed is in the true spirit of giving.
  2. If you belong to another service organization that requires you to complete a specific number of hours at specific institutions, we will accept no more than 20 of those interchangeable hours. In order to have Assembly recognize any hours over 20 minimum, we require the community service hours must not be recognized by any other institution (such as, but not limited to, Los Hermanos, Luminaries, Scouts, Las Ninas, Torrance Memorial Volunteer Program).
  3. Service hours earned helping with The Palos Verdes Assembly Tea or Presentation Ball will be doubled.
  4. Service hours earned volunteering at any of the middle school cotillions will be doubled.
  5. All hours should be recorded on our official recording sheets which are located on our website Community Service Form, or in your Assembly notebook. You must turn in an Assembly Community Service Volunteer Form.
  6. All community service volunteer forms should be emailed (.pdf or photograph) to the appropriate grade level email address within 30 days of completion of service.
    Class of 2017 Community Service
    Class of 2018 Community Service
    Class of 2019 Community Service
    Class of 2020 Community Service
  7. For your convenience, a log has been provided for your records. Please do not turn this in to receive credit, we will not accept it. It’s for your benefit only.
  8. The deadline for turning in this year’s community service hours is March 1st. Our community service hours recording year goes from March 1st to February 28/29 each year. Any hours turned in after the March 1st deadline will be used toward the next year’s tally. If you wish to earn a certificate from Assembly recognizing your service contribution you must perform at least 20 hours of community service each year.
  9. To receive a Community Service Medallion at the Presentation Ball, a minimum of 80 hours must be performed during your four (4) year participation in The Palos Verdes Assembly

    Community service credit will not be given in the following circumstances:

  • When the hours are required for a class, such as theater;
  • If someone other than the student performs the hours;
  • Where there is a personal gain that is not in the true spirit of service;
  • If the service is earned participating in any political activity.
  • For service hours earned baking that exceeds 5 hours.

The Community Service Liaisons and the PV Assembly Coordinators reserve the right to determine what constitutes service in situations that are not specifically covered by the above guidelines.


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