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  1. Membership in the Palos Verdes Assembly is a four (4) year commitmment.
  2. If I am absent two (2) times during the year, my membership may be revoked.    In the event of an absence I am to contact the Attendance Coordinator either by writing a note and mailing it to P.V. Assembly, P.O. Box 3103; PVP, CA 90274; Attention: Attendance Coordinator, or send an email to ; Attendance Coordinator, or to call her.  The Attendance Coordinator’s phone number is located in the notebook provided at Orientation.
  3. I am expected to comply with the dress code as listed in the website,
  4. Leaving early from a Palos Verdes Assembly function without the pre-authorization of one of the Assembly Coordinators will be considered an absence.  Once a member leaves the function, the Palos Verdes Assembly and its Patronesses assume no responsibility for the member.
  5. I will not attend any Assembly function under the influence of any alcoholic beverages or any illegal substances.  No knives or weapons of any kind (to include in the theme dances) are permitted.  No vandalism or damage to property.  No cursing or disrespect toward any parent chaperone or peer will be tolerated. 
  6. I will not text or use my cell phone while participating in an Palos Verdes Assembly event.  Ladies may secure their cell phone in a handbag or dress pocket and gentlemen may secure their cell phones in their coat pocket.  Emergency phone calls only may be accepted in the lobby area ONLY, not on the dance floor. Gum chewing is not allowed.
  7. If I violate this agreement, I will be subject to immediate removal from a Palos Verdes Assembly function and my membership may be revoked.
  8. If my membership is revoked, or if I resign or withdraw from Assembly, I will not receive a refund.  All membership fees and ball dues will be forfeited.
  9. I understand that if I choose to violate this agreement during The Palos Verdes Assembly activities, my parents or other authorities may be called.
  10. The full rules governing my participation in Assembly may be found under "Important Member Info" on this site and in the information notebook distributed at Orientation.

    These policies and code of conduct have been acknowledged and signed by every Assembly member and his/her parents.

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